A Complete Guide to Nettle for Hair, Skin and Nails 


What is Nettle?

Nettle is a plant that can be found worldwide. It is also known as “stinging” nettle due to the prick or sting that can occur with some types of nettle. The leaves of nettle have been used in cooking, textiles, hair rinses and in teas.1 It loses its stinging ability when cooked and is very high in protein. It has been used as a common food source and seasoning in Europe.


Nettle has a wide versatility of use. As an edible plant it can easily be taken in supplements without concern for any toxicity. It has been used for hundreds of years for relief of arthritis, inflammatory conditions and for hair growth. Native Americans would harvest nettle in the spring and eat it for its high protein and nutrient rich leaves.


It has gained popularity due to widespread use of nettle in hair rinses, shampoos and skin and nail products. Used as an oral supplement, topically or ingested in a tea form, nettle has earned its place in the natural remedy hall of fame for its powerful vitamin and minerals combination contained in each leaf. 


Why is Nettle in my product?

Nettle is known as a multi-vitamin plant. Enriched with Vitamins C, B, D zinc and iron, nettle packs dense nutrition into each leaf. It is also high in protein and contains magnesium, potassium, silica and phosphorus. Nettle has a long history of use for treating various ailments topically. It is also used in food and is well-regarded as a natural treatment option for hair, skin and nails.


Nettle offers anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and nutrient rich properties in a single plant. The natural growing plant is well tolerated orally and has been used for centuries for its healing properties. The addition of nettle to an oral supplement ensures you are receiving the benefit of a natural product for the best possible results in the safest combination. 



What is the Role of Nettle for Hair?


Nettle is used both topically in hair rinses as well as orally to reduce scalp inflammation and boost hair growth. Inflammation of the scalp over time may reduce the potential for new hair growth. Soothing the scalp and boosting nutrients and vitamins into hair follicles allows for strengthening of the hair roots, increased circulation to the dermal layer where hair is produced and boots cellular hair production. 

It has been suggested that damaging free radicals can irritate the hair follicle, resulting in reduction of new hair roots. Nettle is rich with antioxidant vitamins which capture and eliminate free radicals. This allows for increased blood flow into the hair root and boosts cellular production to the hair follicles.  


What is the Role of Nettle for Skin?

Nettle has the benefit of working as a natural astringent and helps inhibit over production of oils leading to acne. It has also been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties which has been used for eczema.2 One working theory is the release of histamine components resulting in a self-healing and inflammatory reducing effect on the skin.

Nettle combines multiple vitamins for a high-powered antioxidant skin nourishing combination.  Vitamin C contained within nettle helps rebuild collagen, the key component for younger looking skin. Antioxidants help preserve skin elasticity by eliminating damaging free radicals. The combination of anti-inflammatory and mineral rich base heals the skin from within. 



What is the Role of Nettle for Nails?

The antioxidant vitamins loaded in nettle help trap and eliminate free radicals protecting the body from cellular damage. The nail bed is an area of high turnover and regeneration. Aging and free radical damage can be reflected in dry, brittle, and discolored nails. 

Nettle has silica, magnesium and iron. These three components are used in nail fortification and development. Nail tissue growth and repair are dependent on cellular synthesis. Building up the natural stores of antioxidant and silica ensure adequate supplies for nail and cuticle health. 


Nettle is the trifecta multivitamin plant. With vitamins, nutrients and protein it is a versatile and well absorbed oral supplement. It has gained widespread popularity due to its nutrient dense leaves. Antioxidants, silica, iron and magnesium are some of the most valuable components of nettle. Silica works together with keratin to build strong and healthy hair, skin and nails. Antioxidants protect skin, nail and hair from environmental damage and provide the body with the valuable tools for continued growth and regeneration.