Vitamin E for Hair, Skin and Nails

What is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is the name for eight different, but closely related chemical compounds. Alpha-tocopherol is the form that is most widely recognized as an effective supplement. Vitamin E is available in many seeds, nuts, and oils that we eat. For those who may struggle with a healthy balanced diet due to the daily challenges of a busy life, vitamin E supplementation can provide much needed antioxidant supplementation.

Vitamin E has been found to boost the immune system and protect the body from environmental toxins. As we age, changes in our hair, skin, and nails may be signs that our regular diet may need a boost. Vitamin E added into a multi-vitamin can work with other antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin C to improve the appearance of skin, hair, and nails.

Why is Vitamin E in my product?

Vitamin deficiency is a well known causative risk factor for reduction in hair thickness, skin luminosity and nail strength. Regular supplementation with antioxidants can trap free radicals responsible for skin, nail, and hair damage. The hair shaft is one of the methods from transporting vitamin E from the blood to the skin surface. Taking vitamin E supplementation orally is an effective way to deliver it directly to the skin surface for maximum benefit.

What is the Role of Vitamin E for Hair?

Hair loss has been associated with lower levels of antioxidants in the scalp. By adding antioxidants to the diet and reversing this risk factor, hair loss may be decreased. Another additive benefit of vitamin E is the potential for increased circulation. Greater blood flow to the hair has been proposed as one of the mechanisms for the effects vitamin E has on improved hair growth and shine.

Vitamin E is one of the beneficial oils for hair, skin and nails. Providing the body with moisturizing oils helps retain natural oils and reduce dryness and breakage. Protecting skin also helps protect the scalp for improved hair growth and strength. With the daily stresses to hair including styling damage, sunlight and wind, taking vitamin E can be effective for hair restoration and protection.

What is the Role of Vitamin E for Skin?

Vitamin E forms a moisture-sealing barrier on the skin. This protective layer helps reduce moisture loss and can improve the look of wrinkles. Taking vitamin E daily for several weeks has been proven to increase the levels of vitamin E in the skin lipid layer, improving skin luminosity and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.

The outer layer of skin that we see is the end result of skin building many layers deep. Having adequate vitamins and removing damaging free radicals are the key ingredients for the best results of the outer layer of skin. Continual skin regeneration and producing natural oil are the hallmarks of younger looking skin and a bright refreshed top layer of skin. Combining Vitamin E and Vitamin C has shown natural protective effects against sun damage. Regular supplementation of both provides your body with the tools it needs to for daily regeneration and protection.

What is the Role of Vitamin E for Nails?

Vitamin E oil is a popular topical nail protectant. Taking vitamin in an oral supplement can help nail healing and strength from the inside out. Nail cuticles reap the many benefits of improved skin integrity and healing of the upper lipid layer of skin. This helps with overall nail growth and healthy coloring.

The improvement in overall blood circulation also helps deliver oxygen and nail building blocks to the nail bed. This can prevent age-related decreases in nail growth. Brittle and discolored nails can also be improved with regular supplementation and proper nail care. Vitamin E has shown to reverse unhealthy nail discoloration that can be associated with a diet deficiency. Vitamin E as a part of an overall nail care routine can help you gain smooth and polished natural nails.

Vitamin E is a multi-function single vitamin. It retains moisture in the top layer of skin resulting in improved skin, hair and nail health. When combined with other antioxidants it supports the body’s natural free radical defense system, resulting in stronger hair, improved skin texture and longer and stronger nails.