About Me

How I started Beauty & Cutie, a hair, skin & nails vitamin company.

I began my interest in the beauty industry at a young age as I struggled with oily skin and breakouts.  I was always looking into how I can heal my skin and bring my beauty regimen to the next level.  I discovered that what I eat has an effect on my hair, skin and nails.  I now understand that the key to successfully maintaining beauty is not only focus on the outside, but the inside as well.  Over the years, I have personally tried many of the products available in the market - and was never truly satisfied with the outcome.  After years of looking for the product that was best for me, I decided to take the initiative to put together a blend of beneficial elements and create my own brand.

In addition to being passionate about beauty, I have always been very focused on clean, healthy eating.  When I discovered that by picking and choosing what I consumed and supplementing with specific vitamins and minerals that I could control the outcome - my passion began to grow.


From a beauty queen with a thriving career in real estate to now being a licensed aesthetician and receiving a certificate from Stanford University in Nutrition Science, I have developed the Beauty & Cutie vitamin capsule with the help of experts within the medical industry.  I am dedicated to perfection and the creation of this clean beauty product is one of my greatest achievements.

anna misztela