In 2017, I was crowned Mrs. Poland USA. One year later, I was crowned Mrs. Poland World 2018. It was an unbelievable honor to share a stage with some of the fiercest and most independent women in the world, because there was a time when I doubted I would ever be self-assured enough to stand beside them.
When I was in my twenties, I didn’t have a good relationship with food. This caused health issues such as, insulin resistance, problems with my thyroid, and skin problems. My nails were weak, my hair was thinning, and it stopped growing. I became obsessed with looking for cosmetic products that I thought would fix all of my hair and skin issues. Inevitably, I was deeply disappointed with the results, because they didn’t work.
So, I decided to take action. I obtained a Nutrition Science certification and became a Board-licensed Esthetician, which helped me understand the connection between food and skin.
It was then that I ditched junk food (especially sugar). It took time, but I slowly noticed the changes in my skin, hair, and nails. At that time, I also explored many of the dietary supplements on the beauty market to further enhance my healthy diet to improve the condition of my hair, skin, and nails.
I was disappointed to learn that all supplements are not created equal, with so much misleading information out there, featuring ingredients that don’t live up to the promises on their packaging. Oftentimes, these popular supplements contain levels ofcontaminants that are actually unsafe along with additives that may pose health risks.

Armed with all of the knowledge that I gained during my nutrition and beauty studies, I decided to experiment on myself. I mixed and matched the highest quality ingredients available, to find what really works to create healthy hair, skin, and nails.
Finally, I made a simple (but powerful) discovery: what I eat has a real, tangible, and visible effect on my hair, skin, and nails. It became crystal clear to me that to feel and look beautiful on the outside, I had to first take care of my insides. A combination of a healthy diet and the right dietary supplements, transformed my inner and outer beauty, allowing me to look and feel my best.
Now, I am ready to empower other women so that they can benefit immediately from everything I learned through my painstaking trials and errors.
A healthy diet is not a 30-day ‘’quick fix’’ or a diet that you try every New Year, as yet another resolution. It is a lifestyle that incorporates the right food choices.

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