A single strand of hair mainly comprises of hair root, shaft, and the end of your hair.

hair structure

Hair structure

Hair root

The hair root is the part of the hair attached to the skin of your scalp. It has a layer of actively replicating cells called the hair matrix. The hair follicle is an opening deep down in the skin of your scalp where the hair root begins. At the beginning of a hair follicle, lies a pear-shaped structure known as the hair bulb. Cells of each hair follicle divide to produce the hair shaft.

Hair Shaft

The hair shaft is the visible part of the hair on your head. It has three layers: An inner core known as the medulla. The medulla is flanked by a middle layer known as the cortex, which makes up the bulk of your hair fiber—and is packed with keratin proteins, amino acids, and fats. The keratin proteins form a protective shield surrounding your hair shaft and help your hair stay elastic, supple, strong, and youthful.

Going outwards from the shaft cortex is another transparent layer of overlapping cells making up the shaft cuticle that serves to protect other layers of your hair shaft.

Towards the base of each hair follicle, the shaft cuticle is then enclosed in three layers that form the inner (internal) root sheath.

The cells of the internal root sheath start from the root of the growing hair and extend up to the hair shaft. They are the extensions of the bottom cells of the hair matrix.

Surrounding the internal root sheath is an external root sheath, which is an extension of the outer layer of your skin (epidermis) of your scalp.

Finally, there’s a thick glassy membrane covering the hair root, attaching it to the layer that lies below the epidermis known as the dermis.

Hair nutrition

Your hair is what you eat! Just like your body, your hair also needs nutrition. In fact, taking a well-balanced diet is one of the key factors to keep your hair healthy. A lack of sufficient nutrients packs quite a negative punch on both the hair structure and hair growth.

Incorporating a supplement into your diet ensures that you feed your hair with essential vitamins and minerals.

Hair Nutrition

Incorporating a supplement into your daily diet ensures that you feed your hair with essential vitamins and minerals.

Daily Hair Care Tips:

Wash Your Hair Less Often

That’s right! While we all know that using a quality shampoo to get rid of the dirt buildup is a great part of haircare, over-washing tends to strip your hair of its natural oils, making it drier, duller, and lifeless. If possible try to wash your hair less frequently. 


Deep Condition your Hair

Conditioners help soften your hair, minimize tangling, and smooth out frizz. For high porosity hair, I recommend applying coconut oil before washing. It helps to lock in the moisture and get high-shine hair.

Water temperature 

Cool hair rinse after washing helps to close the cuticles and seals in moisture 

Use microfiber towel

Microfiber absorbs excess water faster. It's gentle on the hair and reduce frizz 

Brush your hair gently 

Start by brushing the ends and then work towards the roots. This way, you won’t pull on the hair and damage the hair cuticle. 

Choose your Pillowcase Wisely

Cotton pillowcases draw out the moisture from your hair. Use a silk pillowcase to protect your hair while sleeping and wake up with less frizzy and more smooth, manageable hair.