A Complete Guide to L-Methionine for Hair, Skin and Nails

What is L-Methionine?

Methionine is an essential amino acid that we must obtain from our diet or a supplement for essential body functions. Our body does not produce Methionine, we must ingest adequate amounts for daily use. Methionine can be the D or L type. The L-Methionine type is the most effective in the human body. Methionine is an important daily amino acid because it provides a sulfur molecule for your body to manufacture keratin. It is also required for collagen production and serves as an antioxidant.


Methionine has been proven to be a protective amino acid for hair, and a critical element in skin and nail regeneration. In a study looking at hair damage, it was found that Methionine deficiency was an important factor in damaged hair and split ends. As hair ages the chemical processes in the hair follicle change and a loss of Methionine was a correlation to keratin damage.1 Without healthy proteins to build keratin and collagen, hair, skin and nails all suffer damage. A daily supplementation ensures adequate stores are maintained to strengthen keratin and collagen production.


Why is L-Methionine in my product?

L-Methionine is in your product to give a constant supply for keratin and collagen to be produced. Hair, skin and nails are high metabolic processes in the body. These three areas are constantly growing our entire lives. As diets change, life stresses increase and environmental pollutants increase we are at risk of reflecting our micronutrient status in our hair, skin and nails. 


What is the Role of L-Methionine for Hair? 

Methionine is one of the most studied amino acids for hair. A deficiency in Methionine has been positively linked to the process of graying hair. 2 Hair that has accumulated very small amounts of hydrogen peroxide and has had the reparative effects of methionine blocked have been shown to turn hair gray in color. It appears oxidative stress over time in combination with a loss of methionine are predictors of hair color change to gray hair. Supplementing with Methionine is a preventative technique to prevent early graying of hair due to a deficiency.

Hair loss and hair breakage have also been linked to a Methionine deficiency. 3. The key role that Methionine plays in hair formation with keratin and collagen makes it crucial element for healthy hair. Restrictive diets or a variety of Methionine intake can put your hair at risk of a cycle of good vs. low supplies of Methionine. As a result you may have enough Methionine at times, and not enough at others. Hair grows at a constant rate, therefore a constant supply of Methionine ensures all protein building processes are able to function at their highest level for the most beautiful hair possible.


What is the Role of L-Methionine for Skin?

Methionine has the unique feature of having a sulfur component. This allows Methionine to work in additional protective ways to prevent skin aging. Methionine assists in the absorption of zinc, a key micronutrient in skin health. It also works as a skin shield protecting it from the effects of oxidative stress. In addition it builds collagen for maximum skin anti-aging and skin healing effect. Methionine is truly a multi-tasking amino acid.


What is the Role of L-Methionine for Nails?

Methionine as an essential amino acid is used in the formation of collagen fibers in the body. These fibers are used to strengthen and hold connective tissues together. Healthy hails start at the nail bed. With a strong and well nourished nail base, fingernails stay thicker, have optimum conditions for growth and have decreased breakage. 

If you have nail ridges, uneven nails, discolored, brittle or broken nails a nutritional deficiency may be present. Even if you are eating a variety of foods, it is possible that a micronutrient may be not enough for your nail health, or it may not be adequately absorbed. Taking a supplement with Methionine simplifies the vitamin routine and ensures all base amino acids are supplied for maximum nail health. 

L-Methionine is an essential amino acid that is required for preventing hair loss, nail breakage and skin irregularities. It must be obtained from either a well balanced diet containing foods rich in methionine or in a regular supplement. Taking a daily supplement with Methionine readily provides Methionine in the form that is easiest converted to protein in the human body. It assists with collagen production which is a known preventative protein against the appearance of wrinkles and brittle nails. Methionine deficiencies have been proves to lead to hair loss.  Methionine is a little known amino acid that is critical to healthy hair, skin and nails.