Vitamin A

A Complete Guide to Vitamin A for Hair, Skin and Nails


What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is the name for a group of retinoid compounds which are responsible for cell growth and development. Vitamin A is also one of the antioxidant vitamins which work to help protect the hair, skin, and nails from damaging free radicals.


The retinoids are present in many types of foods and in topical products. The popularity of retinoids in beauty products are due to its impressive effects in reducing the production of oil, resulting in clearer skin. Vitamin A also works to regulate the body’s immune response and ensure healthy development of several organ systems.


Why is Vitamin A in my product?

Vitamin A plays an important role in anti-inflammatory and skin protective effects. It has been suggested that Vitamin A prevents the loss of moisture in skin, hair and nails The body is efficient in absorbing and storing vitamin A in most circumstances. Vitamin deficiencies can occur with limited dietary intake of vitamin A rich foods and in certain disease states.


Vitamin A has been studied as an additive agent to promote wound healing. The epithelial layer of skin is dependent on Vitamin A to regenerate new skin. 3 This role as an epithelial rebuilder has made Vitamin A one of the most popular skincare vitamins available.


The popularity of Vitamin A and retinoids in skincare products is a direct result of their regenerating and anti-inflammatory effects Deficiencies of Vitamin A can result in decreased nail and hair growth as well as damaged skin.



What is the Role of Vitamin A for Hair?

Our hair is uniquely susceptible to the effects of free radicals in the air. Antioxidant vitamin and nutrient formulas have been developed to combat the increasing damage to hair from the environment. Vitamin A works in the lower layers of skin to regenerate and rebuild the cellular matrix that is needed for skin healing. Hair follicles are able to reap the benefits of Vitamin A in the skin and hair cycle of growth and regeneration.


The effect of vitamin A on overall skin hydration and decreased oil production also improve scalp health. A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair growth.



What is the Role of VItamin A for Skin?

 The retinoids in Vitamin A are important for skin cell regeneration. The epithelial layer of skin relies on Vitamin A for cellular production and regulation to build new healthy skin layers. It also helps limit over production of oil on the skin surface.  These dual effects have made Vitamin A increasingly popular as a skin care ingredient.

Vitamin A has been proposed as a protective agent against skin aging due to UV exposure. 2 Due to the cellular metabolic effects of Vitamin A it has been used both topically and as a multivitamin supplement to maximize skin healing and ongoing prevention against UV damage. Vitamin A appears to work closely with the growth and regeneration of skin layers, making it  one of the vitamins with the highest impact on healthy and glowing skin.


What is the Role of Vitamin A for Nails?

Vitamin A belongs to the group of antioxidant vitamins. These are essential for reducing free radical damage that can be seen in skin and nail changes. The key role of Vitamin A in skin regeneration and prevention of moisture loss in the skin is also reflected in the appearance of nails.

A diet low in Vitamin A can result in dry and stunted nail growth. Taking a multivitamin that contains vitamin A along with other antioxidant vitamins ensures adequate moisture retention and synergistic effects for strong and healthy nails.


Vitamin A is found in many plants and food sources. Some diets and conditions can result in inadequate amounts of vitamin A available to complete essential growth in hair, skin and nails. Areas of high cell turnover are easiest to detect a deficiency. Dull, brittle hair, delayed skin healing and dry chipped nails could all be signs of inadequate vitamin intake. A multivitamin containing Vitamin A feeds the body with essential tools for building and retaining stronger and thicker hair, clearer skin and longer, healthier nails.