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Q: What will you learn?

What foods provide the most important nutrients that are beneficial for your hair, skin and nails and which foods to stay clear of.

Q: Is it single food items or recipes?

The ebook contains an easy 5-day meal plan with recipes, as well as individual food items. You can decide how to incorporate them into your daily lifestyle. You will also learn ingredients to look for in dietary supplements that support the health of your hair, skin and nails

Q: What if I already take biotin?

Studies show that Biotin supplements can improve brittle nails, but your hair and skin needs more than just Biotin. This ebook explains which vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your hair, and nails need the most to grow and your skin to glow.

Q: What about drinks?

You will learn which herbs and plants support healthy hair and skin and how to incorporate them into tasty drinks. 

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